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Bulk quantity reduction water purifier

It is good for group meal services in public institution and business use

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  • 제목 ReturnQ 306

    The hydrogen reduction water purification system Return-Q that generates antioxidant water is a product exclusively for drinking and cooking researched and developed for the purpose of preventing food poisoning. The product completed to strengthen the increase of minerals and antibacterial activity, which was brought out by research with 3 patents, will become one of the best products in the 21st century.

    Cooking water purifying system also with drinking water supply function

    The antibacterial and sterilization ability and the both Hydrogen(H-) and
     Hydroxyl ion(OH-) increasing effect will provide the most hygienic drinking water and cooking water.

    Strengthening the antibacterial sterilizing function/ Increasing minerals and alkalinity/ Generating hydrogen and hydroxyl ions/ Generating antioxidant substances/ Restraining oxidation and increasing reducing power/ Forming dense water molecular cluster

    The Return-Q water purifier exclusively for cooking provides fresh water good to the body, and when vegetables, fruits and food materials are treated with reduced water, their freshness is preserved for a long time and you will know it changes the taste of dishes.


    ◦Reduced water -> For drinking

    It would be good to your body, if you routinize taking hydrogen reduced water.

    Reduced water that has good absorption maintains your body in a weak alkaline state through acid-base balance and is helpful in excretion of uric acid (toxic substances) from the body.


    ◦Reduced water -> When cooking food

    If you boil rice with reduced water, the rice would have a shine. Also, if the water is used when making guk (Korean soup-like dishes), jjigae (Korean dish similar to a Western stew) or muchim (seasoned vegetables), the original taste and flavor of the food materials becomes alive.


    ◦Reduced water -> For vegetables and fruits

    If you wash vegetables and fruits with reduced water, their freshness can be maintained (without being wilted) for a long time and their taste and color becomes better.

    ◦Reduced water -> For meat and fish

    In case meat or fish is washed with reduced water and kept in a refrigerator, its freshness is maintained, fishy smell is removed and also the taste becomes better.


    ReturnQ 306 Application

    Best applicable to the small public meal service – Return Q 306
     * Please try the hydrogen reduction water in your coffee, green tea and all kinds of tea!! You can newly feel the original deep tastes and its own flavors.


    Features of ReturnQ 306

    The filters applied for ReturnQ 306 are the filters developed to have 8 ~ 10 times bigger water purification capacity than general water purifiers, which make it possible to use hydrogen reduced water for drinking and cooking water and to manage food materials along with prevention of food poisoning due to strengthened antibacterial sterilizing power.


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