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Conditions of good water

Various kinds of minerals beneficial to the human body should be distributed and contained evenly.
As alkaline (pH) reduced (ORP) water, active hydrogen should be generated abundantly
Water whose cluster is small that shows the coherence of water molecules is good.
Basically there should not be any ingredients that may be harmful to the human body.
The hardness of water should be proper, not too high

+ Water is science and life.
  • LOHAS water uses the natural circulation method.

    Which is a alkaline reduction method using natural mineral ingredients such as magnesium (Mg), calcium (Ca) to combine with water particles to produce hydrogen.

  • LOHAS water is economical.

    It costs less than electrolysis ion water purifier but has high functionality, providing alkaline reduced water to everyone.

  • LOHAS water is easy to use.

    You can use the pitcher at home, work place, or carry it around to have alkaline reduced water whenever and wherever.

  • LOHAS water tastes good.

    Alkaline reduced water produced by natural circulation method is rich in mineral, refreshing, and has small clusters of water particles, making the water sofr and fresh.

  • LOHAS water has excellent antibacterial functions.

    Germs that grow in water or water purifiers can't grow in alkaline reduced water.
    Therefore, you can always have safe water at your home, work place, or even when you're outside.

  • LOHAS water is safe.

    LOHAS water is a safe product receiving permission to manufacture medical equipment and medical substances producing equipments from the KFDA, and accredited appropriate by the GMP of Medical Equipment Quality Control Standard.

Good water is generated only when materials for filters are good.

In the aspect that 70% of the ingredients composing the human body are water (H2O),
water we have to drink every day can be said to be the very important matter and life itself.
The efforts to recover your health and keep it when you are healthy 70% depend on water you drink usually.
It would be good if you make it a routine to drink alkaline reduced water.
Alkaline reduced water rich in hydrogen that has a good feeling of refreshment
and an excellent absorption rate makes the body healthy through the balance of pH. Also,
it promotes the function to eliminate poisonous substances and waste from the body.

Water for drinking the temperature of which is 12~14°C is good to the body.

Water stored in a cold water tank is unsanitary as it can be a breeding ground for germs due to turbidity
as oxidation quickens because of the high contact ratio with air.
And it is said that cold water the temperature of which is 4C increases free radicals in the body.
At the temperature of water stored in a hot water tank, 85°C ~ 90°C, harmful substances cannot vaporize.
It's because harmful substances due to organic compounds can vaporize only by vapor generated when the temperature exceeds 100°C.
Mineral water in which enzymes (life energy) exist is good.