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Thank you for visiting Water & People.

The water we drink is now recognized as a factor that creates a great value in preventing everyday life diseases.
With the importance of drinking clean and healthy water emerging to the public, the value of water for health is also increasing.
Water & People keeps growing as a global company that exporting around the world and concentrating endless research and technical innovation.
Especially, we try for developing new products related to the material property change by natural ore materials with the research for water's multi roles and functions.

We will keep growing as a eco-friendly bio company for developing natural new materials for human health and new products to be used commonly in the world.
Based on our trust in humans and our love for nature, we will satisfy customers in various ranges where we apply good healthy water.

-All the members of Water & People-

Water & People, a leading eco-friendly bio-company in the current and future of the water field.

  • Date of establishment

    February 2, 2004

  • CEO

    Kim Sung Bae

  • Major project

    Hydrogen generator

  • Patent and certification

    30 cases