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Kinds of water purification filters

Now we are under production after the confirmation of its functions for Korean local market and overseas markets with the registration of patents about
Hydrogen reduction water generation filter / which is combined with the specialized ore materials and the purifying filter / Antibacterial sterilizing filter/Dechlorination filter / Alkali reduction filter

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    Water purification filters for my family's health and my body
    Water purification ability and function to be Considered Once again!
    We have technologies to produce block filters of various uses and functional materials.




    GM Bio has concentrated its efforts to develop and manufacture various kinds of functional filters by combination of natural minerals according to functional features, coconut-shell activated carbon, ceramic balls and reduction catalyzing agents. As a result of such efforts, Korea-Ceramic produces only differentiated filters with obtaining 5 invention patents and applying for 2 patents.



    Kinds of Filter Q

    Granular carbon filter and block carbon filter
    Sediment filter and Carbon block Combination filter
    Mineral restoration filter / anti-bacterial and sterilizing filter
    Alkalinity (pH) increasing and reducing power (ORP) generating filter
    cF membrane filter having an ion substitution function



    We also can produce and supply large-capacity water purification filters (10-inch ~ 20-inch) including various kinds of Water purification filters and functional water purification filters.

    # Filter Q products giving you the highest satisfaction without a burden of prices


    Release of the new concept and new technology water purification filter



    The functional filters are produced according to the required performance at lower costs filling the filters with materials (raw materials) selectively.
    As the new Concept carbon filter is made without using an inside cylinder that is used for the existing U-type products, carbon is put into the filter about two fifths (as much as the amount for I-type products) more than the existing filters.
    As the length of Water flow is doubled in an up and down direction, the taste of water improves and the life of the filters is extended.
    In installing and assembling, a tubing pipe is required less, and it is easy to assemble.


    New concept and new technology of the U-type Water purification filter

    Existing U-type water purification filter / (Patented and certified by FDA) New concept and new technology water purification filter


    New concept 2 layer purifying housing
    more carbon quantity to be filled than other filter.
    It is designed that water is to be through 2 times to the upper and lower side and it increases purifying quality definitely.
    The wanted purifying material can be filled selectively and It is possible to increase the wanted purifying function accordingly.

    발명특허및 FDA 등록 인증.

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