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Mineral ceramic balls

Now ceramic balls are required to be very precise and detailed high quality!
Our various kinds of ceramic balls promote healthy life and happiness.

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  • 제목 SA-18 Antifungal ball

    - Eco-friendly product -
    Try to use our Antibiotic and Sterilizing Aqua SA-18 Stick in your humidifier for your healthy life.




    Antimicrobial sterilizing Aqua ball SA-18


    The SA-18 antimicrobial material produced in Canada is a material the suitability of which in its stability and effectiveness has been registered at United States Environmental Protection Agency. The antimicrobial and sterilizing ball, which is formed of a compound of antimicrobial ore materials having a high energy level and ore materials having a strong catalyst ability among natural metal ores, has been tested by time with 5 strains and mold by the authorized domestic agency and has gotten the judgment of 100% no detection of germs.



    Based on the test result as above, we applied for registration of the suitability of the antimicrobial and sterilizing ball SA-18 to be used for humidifiers to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and, as 18 months after the application it has been registered at the Agency to be suitable for all humidifiers, its stability and effectiveness have been proven. It also has been registered to be suitable in 50 states of the United States.
    (EPA - Establishment No.087640_KOR-001, EPA - Registration No.82260-1)



    Effectiveness of the antimicrobial sterilizing Aqua ball SA-18

    Registered as an antimicrobial and sterilizing material for the first time in the country at the United States Environmental Protection Agency and in 50 states of the United States and also registered to be suitable in its safety and effectiveness, the Aqua SA-18 is a ceramic ball exclusively for humidifiers.




    # Antimicrobial sterilizing Aqua ball SA-18, which is formed and manufactured by mixing natural ores and the 99.928% metal mineral with the SA-18 material registered at EPA, is a material the excellence of which has been proven in that germs were not detected 100% even without using silver (Ag) and that the value of the test samples 1~4 was zero (0) in 4 continuous weeks of mold tests.



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