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Spa reduction items

Hydrogen reduction water for precious baby and healthy and beautiful skins

제목 Magnetized shower filter

Magnetized hexagonal water by magnetic forces!!
Magnetized hexagonal water by magnetic forces prevents hair loss by activation of moisture supply along with the function to remove waste accumulated in the sweat, hair roots and sebum glands of the skin and scalp due to its strong penetration. It also not only makes the elasticity of the skin better by the increased moisturizing effect but also helps improve skin aging and atopic diseases.
It also makes it possible to manage food materials and dinnerware hygienically by surface activity when washing them and maintains the freshness of food continuously.
In particular, according to reports of the related society, washing out the mouth with magnetized water removes scales and helps maintain healthy gums.




The magnetized water generator (M-10) was developed for only the N-pole magnetic energy to be delivered to an object, applying strong magnetism of 10,000 Gauss. The water magnetizer is a product functionalized to have power of purification, detergency, decomposition and sterilization by changing the water structure into a dense state (clusters).

Characteristics of magnetized water

1. Raises surface activity

2. Delays oxidation of food

3. Has an antibacterial sterilizing action by the resonant phenomenon

4. Generates anions

5. Prevents skin aging

6. Helps manage the skin by magnetized ion and water softening functions

Magnetized water generated by the N-pole and the torsion field

When trying to change the structure of water by using a magnet, the N-pole of the magnet must be used. The magnet not only produces a magnetic line of force but also causes natural torsion. The reason that the effect of magnetism is produced in water is that the water molecules remember the torsion field as it is.