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Spa reduction items

Hydrogen reduction water for precious baby and healthy and beautiful skins

제목 WP-0066

Happy shower filter - Happy Shower
Reduction shower filter exclusively for the skin
Hair protection, pruritus prevention and improvement of allergies and atopic diseases without skin stimulation


Happy Shower Features

Happy shower filter - Reduction shower filter exclusively for the skin
•The filter is manufactured by combining a sediment filter with the functional block filter composed of natural mineral materials and activated carbon and by filling environment-friendly ceramic balls.
•It provides safe shower water with the function of quickly setting, decomposing and removing hypochlorite (HOCl) by the remaining chlorine ingredients giving a stimulus to the skin.
•It provides shower water that is helpful to skin health and beauty by causing a change in physical properties to mineral reduced water by the generation of hydrogen.


Happy shower for family health and skin beauty care

It generates useful alkaline reduced water.

1) For atopic skin, damaged hair, pruritus - Removing function of harmful chlorine penetrated into the skin
2) Preventing skin allergies, especially atopic skin
3) Hair protection, itching disease preventing effects
4) Moisturizing effect on dry skin (essence effect)
5) Antimicrobial and sterilizing effects