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Hydrogen water generation

Without space limitation and with enough functionality,
You can have correct portable items.

제목 WP-1700

Portable mineral hydrogen reduced water generator WP-1700

Increase of minerals + rising of alkalinity + increase of antioxidant activity + removal of oxygen free radicals
Made of the high-quality environment-friendly
TRTAN material in which endocrine disrupting chemicals are not found !!

WP-1700 Features

Portable mineral hydrogen reduced water generator - Made of the high-quality environment-friendly material TRITAN
•If you put mineral water, purified water or electrolytic ionized water in the bottle, you can drink alkaline reduced water rich in hydrogen beneficial for your body at any time.
•Alkaline reduced water, which is antioxidant water generated by the conversion of oxidizing power to reducing power, is water beneficial for the body that removes free radicals (O2-).
•It is made of the TRITAN material in which endocrine-disrupting chemicals are not detected even in hot water of more than 60°C.


Hydrogen reduced water you can drink safely and conveniently anytime and anywhere
including when you are doing exercise, mountain climbing and when going outside
•An inconvenient portable water bottle has been improved functionally.
•You can use the portable reduction bottle putting mineral water or purified water in it.


Reducing power (ORP) :  -250 ~ -300㎷ in average
Alkalinity : 8.2 ~ 9.0pH in average
Dissolved hydrogen content : 400 ~ 600 ppb


WP-1700 Filter replacement