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Hydrogen water generation

Without space limitation and with enough functionality,
You can have correct portable items.

제목 WP-2100

Portable reduction bottle WP-2200
Clean and fresh Water everywhere
Portable reduction bottle with which you can enjoy clean and fresh water regardless of place !!


WP-2200 Features

Portable reduction bottle - Clean and fresh Water everywhere
•Perfectly suitable for leisure activities like exercise, mountain climbing, camping and traveling.
•With the portable bottle you can drink safe water having high antibacterial effects in an environment where water quality is not good or in emergency.
•It is small but excellent in purifying water with high product satisfaction.


Clean and fresh water good for my body

The oxidizing power of water us restored to reducing power

The portable reduction bottle provides weak alkaline water (increased pH) the reducing power (ORP) of which is strengthened with the increase of minerals (inorganic substances) and generation of hydrogen (H-).

◎ Has been proven to be suitable by the drinking water quality process test, antimicrobial and sterilizing test and turbidity test at Korea Environment & Water Works Institute
◎ The bottle is manufactured of the Adflex Q 100F material certified by FDA and NSF
◎ The filter is produced of high-quality activated carbon certified by NSF