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Kinds of water purification filters

Now we are under production after the confirmation of its functions for Korean local market and overseas markets with the registration of patents about
Hydrogen reduction water generation filter / which is combined with the specialized ore materials and the purifying filter / Antibacterial sterilizing filter/Dechlorination filter / Alkali reduction filter

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  • 제목 Mineral restoration filter

    The mineral restoration filter is an environment-friendly filter produced only with natural ore materials, which makes it possible to preserve water for a longtime in cold and hot purified Water containers by making purified water, in which minerals are not dissolved with the osmotic pressure or ultrafine filtration method, have antifungal and sterilizing power by restoring minerals and generating reducing power, and which makes it easy to always supply clean and fresh water.




    Mineral restoration filter

    Water that the dissolution of minerals (inorganic, matters) is not distributed harmoniously

    In the case where even minerals to be dissolved are removed by the filtration method using osmotic pressure or filtration method using ultrafine (RO, NF, UF, MF) filters, and in case of ultrapure water.
    Causes a fast oxidization phenomenon
    Raises the turbidity of Water
    Arouses infiltration and proliferation of bacteria
    Causes an oxidization phenomenon


    Mineral (inorganic matter) restoration filter
    Restoration of minerals and increase of alkali
    Restraining of oxidizing power and generating of reducing power
    Restraining of turbidity generation and strengthening of antifungal and sterilizing power
    Long-term preservation function of water and supply of clean water


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