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Kinds of water purification filters

Now we are under production after the confirmation of its functions for Korean local market and overseas markets with the registration of patents about
Hydrogen reduction water generation filter / which is combined with the specialized ore materials and the purifying filter / Antibacterial sterilizing filter/Dechlorination filter / Alkali reduction filter

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  • 제목 Hydrogen reduction production filter

    The hydrogen reduced water generation filter made of the mixed substance of natural ores and metallic minerals strengthens reducing power and increases the generation of antioxidants as the generation of hydroxyl ions (OH-) is maximized.


    Hydrogen reduced water generation filter

    One time use will make you understand the value of this hydrogen generating filter's function and specialty. This is our first invention in this country with the patent registered, which is the result from our long time research.

    - The hydrogen reduced water generation filter creates strong antioxidants along with reducing power by the generation of hydrogen (H) without significantly changing the increase of alkalinity (pH).

    Hydrogen ion concentration (pH) → 8.5~9.2 in average
    Hydrogen (H) generation → 800~1200PPb in average
    ORP → ⊝500~⊝600mv in average


    What is antioxidation

    Antioxidants (SOD-Superoxide dismutase) increase dissolved oxygen (DO) by removing free oxygen radicals (O2-) which affect your health.

    The hydrogen reduction filter is the product developed with new materials that can strengthen “physiological activation enzymes” (SOD) while maintaining the alkalinity (pH) of 8.0 ± 0.3 (7.7~8.3) by converting oxidizing power into reducing power (ORP-Oxidation Reduction Potential) with the generation of hydrogen



    The combination between mineral ingredients and hydrogen, which are in win-win relationship each other, is able to maintain the reduction activity. This water, which strong antibacterial function suppresses oxidation and able to purify clean and fresh water always.
    Labyrinthine block filter – excellent water purification performance
    Generating hydrogen (H) and strengthening the antioxidant (SOD) effect
    Restraining the increase of pH and strengthening reducing power (ORP)
    Improving the feeling of refreshment with the increase of minerals
    Removing free radicals by antioxidation (SOD)

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