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Mineral ceramic balls

Now ceramic balls are required to be very precise and detailed high quality!
Our various kinds of ceramic balls promote healthy life and happiness.

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  • 제목 Tourmaline ball
    Tourmaline and its electrical features are classified into various types according to the Color and ingredients. As a mineral called 'electric stone' which belongs to the hexagonal system, the anode (+) and the cathode (-) exist at both ends of the crystal, even if pulverized into fine powder, and it is featured in that the properties do not disappear while the flow of weak electrical currents induces an effect increasing the emission of far infra-red rays. That is, tourmaline is a mineral required for life environments and it is also possible to utilize the functions in various uses.

     Tourmaline ball(high-temperature) 3∅

     Tourmaline ball(low-temperature) 7∅


    Tourmaline ball
    The ball formed of tourmaline is a material which has a wide range of Use including enlargement of the function by resonance and changes in physical properties by wavelength and wave motion with the rotation process of (+)e electric charge and (-)e electric charge by the electromagnetic wave (Il-RAY) function in Water.
    Uses of tourmaline ball
    "Water" treatment industry : water purifiers, reduced Water generators and water softeners, fresh water containers, water storage tanks, etc.
    General function industry -
    fibers : comforters pillows /
    Instruments : medical generators, air purifiers /
    Leisure : sports device health toys
    Architectural material industry - bathtub bottoms, wall materials, health housings
    Green facilities and park facilities - growth and environment of lawn, health finger-pressure course
    Farms, stock breeding, special crops and flowering plants - purification of water quality, prevention of generation of moss, increase of dissolved oxygen, growth promotion, maintenance of freshness, extension of preservation terms, etc.
    Tourmaline's 100% efficiency only can be brought when it does "plasticity" under the heat of 600℃ (low temperature).
    Based on our patent technic about low temperature plasticity, we are specially manufacturing the 100% efficient tourmaline balls.