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Mineral ceramic balls

Now ceramic balls are required to be very precise and detailed high quality!
Our various kinds of ceramic balls promote healthy life and happiness.

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  • 제목 Zeolite ball
    Zeolite is the general name of hydrous minerals including aluminum silicate of alkaline earth metals generated as diagenesis occurs in volcanic ashes of the tertiary sediments of the Cenozoic era. Zeolite, which is a fine multi-porous substance, exists as natural and synthetic zeolites, and zeolite, the pore size of which is about 3Å-8Å, is a mineral material that has a functional feature of gradually discharging other substances like gas besides moisture after absorbing and adsorbing them up to twenty times as it has strong physical adsorbing power (90%-95%) and excellent chemical cation exchange capacity of 70-160meg per 100g.

    Zeolite ball 3∅

    Zeolite(beige) ball 1.5∅

    Environment-friendly Zeolite, excellent in adsorption, catalyst and ion exchange functions, that adsorbs cations of radiation besides the functional roles in removing chlorine ingredients (trihalomethane) remaining in water and adsorbing various kinds of metal ions (heavy metals), also increases washing power as sodium ions make water Softened through calcium, magnesium in water and cation exchange resin. The zeolite mineral is required in proportion to mixing and composing rates of various ceramic balls and it is also a mineral material for various uses.