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Mineral ceramic balls

Now ceramic balls are required to be very precise and detailed high quality!
Our various kinds of ceramic balls promote healthy life and happiness.

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  • 제목 Jijangsoo ball
    It is classified as a yellow Jijangsoo ball whose main ingredient is loess and a white Jijangsoo ball whose principal ingredient is kaolin.


    Jijangsoo ball
    Produced with the main ingredients, loess and kaolin that the Void between particles is big and the water permeability is good, the Jiangsoo ball, which is formed by the mixed composition of hardwood charcoal with zeolite to increase adsorbing and absorbing power, multi-layer porous Maekbanseok and the germanium mineral making dissolved oxygen generated, makes it easy to maintain the freshness of water and store water for a longtime and is a ball for water purification researched and developed with materials (raw materials) that reproduce the taste of water in the raw.
    Uses and features of Jijiangsoo ball
    In Case where it is settled in water purifying filters or fresh water containers : reproduces the taste of clean and fresh water of nature
    In case of washing vegetables, fruits, fishes and flesh : freshness maintained and the original form preserved
    In case of laying Jiangsoo balls on the bottom of a kimchi container : the storage period prolonged and freshness maintained