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Mineral ceramic balls

Now ceramic balls are required to be very precise and detailed high quality!
Our various kinds of ceramic balls promote healthy life and happiness.

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    Antifungal ballㆍSilver nano antifungal ball


    Antifungal ball
    Not like general antimicrobial balls the Antimicrobial ball formed by the mixture of a metallic substance (Ag) of strong sterilizing power with ceramics of the inorganic antimicrobial agent (ore belonging to the silver system) is excellent in functionality and safety, and, as a material that shows 99.9% antimicrobial and sterilizing power and 99% deodorizing power in reaction with Water at the same time besides functions to adsorb and remove heavy metals and harmful substances, it is widely used in various fields including the Water (drinking water) field.
    Silver nano antifungal ball
    The Silver nano antifungal ball which is completed by heat treatment process only for the ball after impregnation for 24 hours, so that silver nano can be carried into the pores of the antifungal Ceramic ball in the nano solution that the high-concentration mano (20-30㎜) silver of 10,000mg/ℓ(ppm) is diluted to 50~100mg/ℓ has an excellent function of an antifungal sterilizing ball.
    Sterilizing power (%) =
    (the number of revived germs after 24 hours in control group
    - the number of revived germs after 24 hours in test group) x 100
    / the number of revived germs after 24 hours in control group

    Action of the Antifungal ceramic ball : Sterilizing action of harmful colon bacilli and common germs by 99.99% pure silver (Ag)
    Functions to adsorb and remove impurities and harmful substances : Removal of Cu, Cd, Pb, Fe, Mn, etc. / 99% adsorption and decomposition of organic matter and bad smells (gas)
    # The Silver nano antifungal and sterilizing ball is used preferably in wash and showers.
    Functions of the G&B103 antifungal and sterilizing ball
    It is produced as a solid inorganic antifungal and sterilizing ball by the ion exchange and adsorption method of Ag+ and Ca2 antifungal metal ions dissociated in very small quantities from silver (Ag) and mineral matters (inorganic packing materials) containing a silver compound (Ag2O) on the support (zeolite). It has the feature of an antifungal ball of the silver ion-exchange composite substitute agent that has the bio-activation effect with strong antifungal and sterilizing effects by the ion substitution function.
    It is confirmed that the antifungal and sterilizing power from the silver ion exchange zeolite ball is due to H OH radicals having strong reducing power, which are a kind of oxygen free radicals.
    - Only with the ion substitution function of 0.20-0.30ppb the antifungal and sterilizing power is maximized.
    - It has an effect on a wide range of bacilli, mold and viruses, and also has antifungal power of high safety.
    - Uniform dispersion in various forms is possible and the sustainability of a longtime is maintained.
    The antibacterial and sterilizing ball is an Ag system in Organic antibacterial material ball making the most of characteristics of an inorganic ion exchanger and antifungal metal (Ag) ions, and the ceramic ball made of natural mineral material harmless to the body also has a bioactivating effect by emission of far infra-red rays. Zeolite having a unique structure and ingredients is a natural rock of the multiporous system that has excellent physical adsorptive power and chemical positive ion exchange effects. Antibacterial and sterilizing effects increase by elution of a small amount of silver ions and in organic minerals simultaneously with adsorption of positive ion substances as it is made to carry metal antibacterial silver ions (Ag+) after sorting and processing it.